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Stainless steel panels
The panels can be used both indoors (steel grade 304) and on facades (steel grade 316). They are completely waterproof and recommended for installation in the so-called wet rooms such as kitchen or bathroom. The panels are resistant to both low and high temperatures, from -100 ° C to + 1000 ° C.
A very big advantage is the fact that the panels are flexible, so they can be easily mounted on arches or semicircular walls.
We recommend cutting the panels with a laser or a hydraulic cutter.

Decorative panels are protected with foil to avoid damaging their front side, therefore the protective foil should be removed only after the panel has been installed.

We recommend mounting the panels with metal mounting glue or assembly elements

Moss and stabilized plants
All stabilized lichens and other plants have undergone a conservation process. Thanks to it, they remain fresh, resilient, but have no vital functions.
Not. Like other products from stabilized plants, moss is also sensitive to direct UV rays. Therefore, products made with the use of moss cannot be placed outside.
Not. All our products are maintenance-free. However, they can be periodically cleaned with a delicate brush or with a vacuum cleaner operating at very low speed. Moss and stabilized plants do not absorb dust.
Stabilized plants remain in “hibernation” and therefore do not grow. This means that there is no reason to trim them.
In the initial period of use, lichens emit their natural smell. However, after a dozen or so days, the smell disappears. It is also not unpleasant and is basically indifferent to the sense of smell.
Remember. Moss and stabilized plants do not tolerate water! They must not be watered, sprinkled or irrigated. Just avoid contact with water! Please note that they are only intended for interiors.
When exposed to UV rays or placed next to a heat source, the colors will fade and crumble, resulting in irreversible changes. Therefore, we should not place products right next to the fireplace or directly above the source of heat emission (e.g. a radiator). We should also avoid harsh halogen light and exposure to direct sunlight. LED lamps are the ideal source of light to emphasize the arrangement or exposure of images. It is worth knowing that the paintings, compositions of plants, lichens and mosses have retained their natural properties. They are therefore just as sensitive as live, natural plants. Just handle it carefully to enjoy their beauty for a long time. And finally. Mechanical contact, especially pressing, crushing or supporting each other, will certainly lead to damage
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